Invest In Yourself

Start With You

Being apart of this community requires one thing of you... You need to put yourself first.

There's a lot of talk in the self-help and relationship space.

One of the fundamental concepts is that you can't pour from your cup if it empty.

We all want to give; we want to advance in our career, have better sex, make more money, etc.

But, when we start by investing in yourself, we create something unique.

Most of the time society pushes us to develop specific skills that will work for a job, but not skills that allow us to think and thrive.

That's where higher leverage skills come in.

They are, in all reality, the best investment that you could ever make because they translate to all other investments.

Someone can steal your car, but not your ability to learn.

You can get a divorce, but you can't divorce yourself from communication skills.

And much more.

That's why you need to start by investing in yourself.

What Does It Mean To Invest In Yourself?

Well, it can mean a lot.

Let's start with the basics and then expand on what it truly means to invest in yourself.

First off, investing in yourself takes place in all facets of life:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Happiness
  • Cognition
  • and on and on and on.

Whatever you can improve, that is a subset of who you are.

And its something that you can invest it.

Think of us as banks, except we don't take cash or credit (while I do so feel free to send me some on PayPal) but instead we consume knowledge, create habits, and grow skills.

Our currency is one that can't be removed by foreclosure or dramatic life change.

To save up and get something big,  we need to fill this bank and ensure we aren't ever running on reserves.

This is who we are.

We are banks awaiting the depositing of information, experiences, skills, and habits.

And when the bank is fully stocked, we can lend to others, creating more value in the long-term while lending our value in the beginning.

It's like learning to code.

As we build more and more value into yourself with learning to code, our bank becomes filled with the ability and knowhow to code.

Then we can lend that to a company that pays us to code for them, and in return, we get paid and can invest back in ourselves with a nice meal and relaxation.

That's just a simple step-by-step of the self-investment process, but one you need to know.

The Basics of Investing In Yourself

We can talk theory all day, but I wanted to give you some actionable and physical actions you can take to invest in yourself.

Your Health

Of course one of the best investments is your health.

By exercising, getting some movement in, and improving your health, you will have a lot of energy to lend out.

And in return, you'll end up looking, feeling, and performing better.

This is such a simple, yet often neglected investment.


Getting your mind right can be the difference between a good and bad life.

I often relate the concept of heaven and hell to our reality.

We can either live in heaven or live in hell.


If your mindset is bad every day and you continue to attract bad situations because you continually live in that state of being, you end up creating a hell around you.

On the other hand, if you feel great and always are looking for the positive, your reality will conform to that.

Mediation is the easiest way to clear the mind, declutter it and provide some self-love for the betterment of your mindset and the world around you.

Start your mornings mediating and a lot will change.


Lastly, we have to talk about reading.

Reading makes you better at writing, thinking and almost every area of life.

But sadly, after college, most people end up never picking up any book besides fantasies that don't provide much value (thanks 50 Shades.)

You have the chance to dive directly into the minds of the most excellent people in the world.

Take their experiences and insights and put it in the self-investment bank.

The world will change around you.

These are some of the easiest ways to kickstart your self-investment, but its only part of the bigger piece.

Let's head on to the next fundamental to see what else is needed: Know Your Why


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