Know Your Why


That's the first question we need to ask ourselves.

Why do we do anything that we do?

If we don't know this than most of our actions become just something we do "because."

Atlas Shrugged is known to be one of the best novels ever written.

Do you know why its titled Atlas Shrugged?

Because quite literally Atlas is shrugging, since like the people who don't have a reason for everything they do daily, he's shrugging for why he holds the world.

Ask anyone why they do X, and typically they will shrug, say "I don't know" and move on with their day.

The purpose of Atlas Shrugged is to think for yourself.

And that's the purpose of this principle.

Knowing you're why will be one of the most powerful skills that you can ever implement into yourself.

Talk about high leverage.

Knowing yourself and why do you things can lead to an understanding and curiosity that helps you in almost every way.

What Is Your Why?

Now, this can apply on a macro or micronutrient level.

Let's start with the macro view.

The Macro Level Why

On a macro level, we all have some root fundamental beliefs that have brought us to where we are.

For instance, and I talk about this all the time, let's look at my why.

To make everyone better off for having interacted or being affected by me.

That is my "why."

And it's powerful for me to know the root of why I do anything and everything because the moment that something pulls me off my path or I question doing something I can refer to the why.

Your's may be something entirely different.

Maybe your why is "To experience everything and anything that I can."

You will operate a lot differently than me if that's what it is.

In the section on LIFE I talk about a few different ways to find you why, and once you start to see in this way, you will have a sort of power over your life you never had before.

The Micro Level Why

On the other hand, we have micro why's all the time.

Now, these, of course, can feed into your macro level why, because everything should be based on that fundamental why, but these micro whys functions differently.

They are the root of why you do things on the day-to-day.

Why are you going to the gym, why are you interacting with this potential lover at the bar, and why do you drink alcohol.

These are different small occurrences throughout the day which require thought.

It's something that would make Ayn Rand proud.

Because you understand yourself, the world around you, and why you are doing something.

It's an awakening unlike any other.

One that allows you stop doing things that have no basis and start doing what you know means something.

That is why this fundamental is so essential.

Because it allows you to apply intention and background information to the actions and events that occur all day, every day.

So next time you do anything (like read the following sentence) know you why.

Now let's head to the next fundamental: Use Your Resources.


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