Question Everything

The Last Fundamental


We are almost finished with the fundamentals of Heightened Living.

Are we?

This is the last of the fundamentals, and it is a mentality to approach life with.

Its a tool in the arsenal and a skeptical skill that allows you to conquer life.

It is that of Question Everything.

Now, what do we mean by this?

Fake Credibility and A Gullible Society

Read the news.

Read an article on any of the major news outlets.

Did you believe them?

Why or why not?

These "credible" sources have proven over and over again that they are anything but credible and yet people still allow these outlets to think for them.

Gone is the age of authoritarian thought.

Originally we allowed and trusted the information that came out of major power players mouths whether they headed a corporation, a news publication or the local church.

But, that's where the shady stuff comes from.

We can't pinpoint where their information is from, and often they are the head honcho, meaning no one checks their work.

Which is the fundamental flaw of our gullible society?

People are up in arms about Facebook influencing an election, when the reality is that anyone who thought for themselves wasn't affected by it because only you can take action.

Now, believing "credible" sources, on the other hand, has its problems.

"They" And Triangulating Information


That's who has the most attributions of information orally probably ever.

"They said that coffee is bad for you."

Oh really? Hmmm. Who are they and where is their information?

No, coffee is not bad for you, as I sip some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe while writing this, I needed a common example that comes about.

We trust that "they" is credible.

Granted those with the higher leverage skill of questioning everything knows never to do this.

Get to the root, where is the information from and who showed it was truthful.

That's where triangulating information comes from.

Ray Dalio and Triangulating Information

In his book Principles, Ray Dalio talks about the concept of triangulating information.

This makes you a skeptic by nature.

Because you don't trust any one source of information and instead look for three sources of the same information finding the middle ground to see what is real.

That is a way to prove what is or isn't true.

And even then, play the devil's advocate in your mind because the more that you question everything, the more you will learn.

What Does It Look Like To Question Everything In Real Life?

That's a rooted question.

First off, it means never just plainly believing the news, marketing or your friends.

It means getting to the source of the question.

Remember quality over quantity.

You don't need more information in that amazing head of yours; you need truthful quality information.

And that is what happens when you start to question everything.

You learn a lot of what isn't true and what doesn't work.

Which can be as, or more, important than knowing what is true and does work.

So stay skeptical and continue to question everything.


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