Welcome To Heightened Living | The Past, Present, and Future

This is the first post for Heightened Living.

But, this isn’t the first time I’ve written a post like this, nor is it the first time I’ve written the first post for Heightened Living…

Now, I don’t want to jump ahead too far, so let’s dive into it.

Leading Up To Heightened Living

Let’s start with high school.

In high school, I developed a bit of depression, OCD, and paranoia kick-started by a bit of weight gain that came from me being sedentary day in and day out (I easily crushed full family bags of Baked Lays.)

Now, like any other high schooler battling their mental demons, I need to go outward for help.

It took a bit of psychiatry, a personal trainer and some holistic supplements to pull me out of my funk.

Although, what kick-started it was a book by Tim Ferriss called the Four-Hour Workweek.

This book changed everything that I thought I knew about life, because not only did he tell me that you could create a business around e-commerce products, but that it was a lot easier than people had previously thought.

Now, of course, I didn’t dive into creating a business just yet but instead purchased his second book The Four-Hour Body.

This book became, for the time being, my holy grail of fitness teaching me that you could take control of your health and radically improve it for the better.

It was a mindset switch that I needed.

Now, after that, I dropped weight and dove into the fitness cult mindset.

That’s when I found Kinobody.

I’ll get into that more in a bit since this is going to be a long post/video.

After perusing Greatist.com (which used to be a fantastic resource), I found Greg O’Gallagher from Kinobody, in a listicle (a list based article) diving into how he goes out four days a week and stays shredded.

Talk about the Ideal situation.

That was when I became crazy about fitness and subsequently did get into pretty good shape.

At this point, I loved the blogging sphere and developed my first website, Mindful Lifestyle.

Mindful Lifestyle went on for about two years, where I casually blogged and did some essential networking, but going to school for Neuroscience, had no time or clue what I was doing.

And then I purchased a course called 4k Blogging.

This course, created by Christopher Walker one of Greg from Kinobody’s friends and fellow Neuroscience major, was meant to help anyone get a blog to $4k a month in 12 weeks or less.

It was mind-blowing to me.

Although, here’s where it starts to get a little crazier.

In November of 2015 was when I got, The Offer (me and a few of the other guys who received it decided to make it a glorified call to action, like Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey)

Now, my average life was starting to change radically.

The Offer was to leave college and join Christopher Walker/Greg O’gallgher in their start-up company while learning marketing hands-on and living in a beach house in Florida.

I weighed my options.

Stay in school to do this anyway, or get a jumpstart and leave Michigan State to go live on the beach…

Of course, I took the offer.

Now, it was then that I created the first Heightened Living.

Transitioning Mindful Lifestyle and its “followers” over to this new type of lifestyle mindset I was developing.

It was a concept that I wanted to anyone, in any situation to be able to use anywhere.

Although, I skimped a bit, both on the work and dedication (being that I was working 9-5 anyway) and thus it became lost somewhere around 1.5 years ago.

That was when the other guys and I started to refine our craft and aim to grow TruthNutra.com and Kinobody.com to its fullest potential.

My position was the Head of Advertising.

I learned an incredible amount from some of the best, and of course, made mistakes resulting in my learning what not to do.

$5 million of Ad spend later; I learn how people operated, while also digging into what I wanted to make a difference in.

It was during this period when I molded my purpose and fell into touch with “Helping 100,000,000 People in health, movement, mindset, and learning.”

Simple in its essence, but complicated in its realization.

This two-year internship taught me about to reach people from everywhere in the world.

But, it wasn’t enough.

In November, me and two of my best friends parted with those companies and started a company in a new emerging trend we were liking.

This is Global Crypto Academy. It’s a website dedicated to helping the layman learn about cryptocurrency without all the technical elements, and we ranked pretty high pretty fast.

Once again we realized it wasn’t what we wanted to do full-time.

That’s when we decided to keep building it out, but each part ways and transition into our personal brands, helping people with what we’ve been passionate about for a long time,

That’s the revival of Heightened Living.

After contemplating and refining this concept for over four years, I realized it’s needed in today’s world.

And that brings us to the present.

The Present – Heightened Living

Now, I’m sitting here at a coffee shop in Chicago called Fairgrounds drinking a four-letter word (my favorite pour-over there) and writing this to you.

You could be here at any point in time reading this on Heightened Living, which doesn’t change anything.

I want you to think of Heightened Living and me, as your new resource for genuinely getting a grasp on High Leverage Skills and building out a foundation or base of a sort to accelerating your life.

Heightened Living helps you to create your reality on these fundamental skills.

As far as I know, there isn’t anything else out there like this.

Here in the present, Heightened Living is developing into your newest resource for a better life.

If you haven’t yet gone through the basics on the site make sure to go through these pages:

These pages walk you through some of the foundational thought patterns necessary for Heightened Living.

And trust me, I think you will enjoy them.

This site is set-up for you, and for the ease of your navigation, which is why each post has a stamp that quickly tells you what you are reading.

For instance:

breathing blog logo

This is the stamp for breathing, and anytime you see it in an article, on a page, or on a picture/video thumbnail it means that the subject matter contains breathing.

These stamps are for complete simplicity.

To get the grand tour click this link and sign-up for the newsletter (minus the spam, I promise.)

The Future And How You Fit Into Heightened Living

You are the purpose of Heightened Living.

I’m not writing any of this for myself; I have plenty of different journals for that.

Instead, what Heightened Living was created for and is continually being developed for is to help you.

Heightened Living is a resource, one that you should refer to when you want to:

  1. Find a High Leverage Skill
  2. Use One of The Category Guides
  3. Improve Yourself In Any Way
  4. Or Get Interest In A New Topic

And it is as simple as that.

On top of that, reach out anytime you would like to. All you need to do is shoot me a message from the contact box, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I want this to be a community, and in order to do that, we need to communicate.

Although, get ready for the future.

YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will be the primary media outlets, although in the email newsletter I’ll be delivering exclusive video content often.

Otherwise, grab your seat belt and buckle up, because this ride is about to take off.

Thanks for reading, and I’m excited about our journey together.

Introduce yourself in the comments below!

We’ll talk soon,


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