How To Read Multiple Books at The Same Time (And Learn Better)

Well, this article and topic may turn a lot of people off because they don’t like to read or have trouble reading one book, this is for those people who have too many books to read at one time.

Like me.

Yes, I’m addicted, and I hope you are too.

How To Read Multiple Books At The Same Time

You can read multiple books at the same time.

And truthfully, you can utilize it actually to learn better.

You read that correctly, well often we are told to focus on one subject at one time, this is something I completely disagree with.

One of the best examples is the set-up of our modern school system.

Now I’m not going on a rant about school (yet) but instead an occurrence that happens to many when in school (K-12.)

In school, there come brief periods where all classes and their subject matter align.

This strange occurrence leads to math, history, science and writing all are about similar people and events from the same era.

Tieing together the information and helping people learn better.

By constructing a curriculum or your reading like this, it creates a way of connecting facts and new found information to other information.

Its something that didn’t often happen in school because of the poor planning and curriculums that they have, but something so powerful that you can effortlessly learn when this coincidence happens.

Which leads us to the theory behind methodically reading multiple books at one time.

Here’s the practical.

  • Start with 2-4 books of varying subject.
    • Keep them semi-similar in nature (i.e., non-fiction or fiction)
  • Read 1 chapter (or more if you have time) from each book
  • Keep a Commonplace Notebook (article coming soon) with all of the facts and notes you have from each book.
  • Relate the information learned from each to each other.

And out of nowhere you not only remember the facts better but solidify your actual theory of everything.

We often have a problem of specialization in our society or an issue of putting blinders on most information while just focusing just on one piece of that whole.

Don’t get me wrong; specialization can lead to some amazing results.

Although, if it puts information or context into an isolated system it ends up ruining the overall insights that could be gained, and sometimes (like with Medicine) hurting people in the long run.

When utilizing the technique of reading multiple books at once, you learn better because you are looking for the patterns and connections in a non-isolated system.

How Does Reading Multiple Books Fit Into High Leverage Skills

Pattern Recognition and Connection Of Ideas.

It’s that simple.

Your mind and pattern recognition skills have to continually be working to read multiple books at once and learn the information from them.

At the same time, it makes you learn how to validate and invalidate information, then connect ideas and integrate them into new found knowledge.

Its a hard concept at first.

Although, once you start doing it you are going to be hooked.

I do want to warn you… Don’t try this with to many books at first, because many of the books will get left in the dust.

Keep your Amazon wishlist full and ready and start learning the skill of reading multiple books.

Do you have any favorite books? Put them in the comments below!.

Thanks for reading,



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