How To Stop Procrastination… For Good | Ep.04 (A Rant)

In this quick rant, I break down how to never procrastinate again.

And no, this isn’t the conventional wisdom.

To stop procrastination three things need to be in order.

The Understanding of The Importance of Time

Time is the only asset that we have, it is finite, and you will not get it back. Use your time wisely and stop pushing things off until they come back to bite you in the a$$ and take up more time.

Get ahead, and you’ll be rewarded later.

You Need To Know Your Why

In Fundamental 4 (Know Your Why) I stress the importance of knowing you’re why.

Although, its a lot more critical in combatting procrastination than you think.

If you don’t know why you do things, and you don’t have a grasp on your purpose, then you have no idea why you need to do something.

That means that you will only continue to procrastinate, as there is no reason for your actions.

When you find your purpose, and you find your why, you understand that there is no room for procrastination, nor do you want to procrastinate ever again.

Being Healthy and Having Energy is A Must

Having energy can be the difference between productivity and procrastination.

When you don’t get sleep, neglect your breathing, movement, and health you end up with no energy.

This is the exact point which you stop caring about the task at hand, and your body turns to energy conservation mode.

It’s also a wake-up call to take care of yourself and thus provide your body with more energy, which subsequently will transpire into your tasks day after day and then make your productivity shoot through the roof.

How To Stop Procrastination Summary

If these three things are in order, then everything falls into place.

Don’t stress, but instead focus on these critical areas and you will understand that procrastination¬†typically happens because someone is clueless, has no reason to do anything and isn’t healthy.

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