How To Use “Wasted” Time More Effectively – The Skill of Time Management

When someone says they are “busy” I know what they actually mean.

They have all these tasks and little items that they think they have to do resulting in what I like to call “wasted” time.

Well it may seem like the time is wasted here are four-time management tips to use your “wasted” time efficiently.

Optimizing Your “Wasted” Time with The Skill of Time Management

Time management is a skill.

Because without the ability to efficiently utilize your time, well, most things in life fall apart.

Routines take too long and spread into the day, the day ends too short, and work slides into the night. Working at night makes sleep dwindle because the work still has to be finished.

Let’s not let that happen anymore.

Here are four ways to use “wasted” time more effectively.

1. Listen To A Podcast or Audiobook

If you aren’t learning then well…

The fact is, we need to learn using any free time we have because when we aren’t doing, we have thousands of years of lessons from authors that we can download via books into our brain.

Yes, that sounds crazy.

Although, it is the complete truth.

That’s why, in the moments while you are driving in an uber, going to the gym, or waiting for an appointment an audiobook or podcast (mine will do) can satisfy your drive for knowledge.

2. Recording Voice Memo’s, Ideas, or Even a Podcast.

Well, it may not seem like it, long drives are perfect for recording your voice.

Heck, anytime that you are in an isolated environment and think that you are wasting time, pull out your phone and record.

It could be a “note to self” or a memo/message to a friend, whatever it is, this is the time to utilize your voice.

You can do this quickly and effortlessly.

And if you wanted to start a podcast, it’s easy to do on your phone with Anchor.Fm where you can just record soundbites throughout your day, organize them and press launch.

3. Networking

This is a big one.

When you have a spare moment, it makes sense to text someone in your network.

A friend, a family member, an acquaintance, a buisness associate.

It doesn’t matter.

This is the perfect time to do outreach and reach someone that you’ve meant to contact.

It’s one of Keith Ferrazzi’s (author of Never Eat Alone) favorite places to network.

Pick up your phone and get networking.

4. Deep and Critical Thinking

We often need to make time for our thoughts.

Yes, we live in a fast-paced society.

Although, that 30-minute bus ride, the uber to and from your house, or those 10 minutes before the doctor sees you are perfect times to start thinking.

I know it may sound weird, but start noticing when you cut yourself off from good thoughts because “you just can’t think about that right now.”

Utilize this time to get in tune with your mind and tend the garden that it is.

Utilizing The Higher Leverage Skill of Time Management

Of course one of the highest leverage skills is time management.

It can set your day up for success or let it tumble down to the ground.

Learn to utilize the small “wasted” moments, and they will add up.

What’s your favorite way to use this moment? Put it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,


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