Ian Lenny From Opensourced on Accessing The New Economy

Ian Lenny (@_Opensourced) is the founder of Opensourced, a company based all around helping people access the new economy. I met Ian a few years ago and he’s one of the most intelligent people on the subjects of the new economy, start-ups, getting the job you want that I know. This one is great, especially for those people looking for a new job or to finally do what they always wanted to do.

It was a pleasure recording this, so without further ado let’s welcome Ian from Opensourced.

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Show Notes:

00:45 – Ian’s Story
02:15 – How The Four Hour Work Week Kick-Started His Mindset at 19 years old
03:00 – Joined the army and learned how to work on projects like building websites and affiliate marketing.
04:30 – Reached out to Christopher Walker from Truth Nutra (where we met)
05:30 – How he got Tim Ferriss’d by Tim Ferriss.
07:10 – Working in Florida
08:20 – Picking Up Military Shipments and Working On Marketing
09:40 – Ian joins Reforge for a while
10:35 – Ian’s Opinion on School and it’s necessity
13:00 – An Alternative to school
15:30 – Finding a Job in the New Economy
17:50 – Leveraging and taking calculated risks
18:50 – ABC Planning (Reid Hoffman “The Start-Up of You”)
23:00 – Ian being the Czar of Cold Email
25:00 – Opensourced and how the startup scene is growing
30:00 – Where the start-up scene is going
34:00 – Learned Helplessness and people comparing themselves to ridiculous people
35:30 – Atomically Precise Manufacturing
38:00 – The gap between technology and nature
39:30 – Efficiency and its trap
42:30 – Management Theory and Efficiency
44:00 – The Practicing Mind and Slow and Steady being faster
44:50 – The three different types of time
46:00 – 2x or 3x speed audiobooks
47:30 – Ian’s High Leverage Skill
48:30 – How Ian sends cold email
49:30 – Some of my High leverage skills
51:00 – What Ian is currently Questioning
53:30 – Mastery by Robert Greene
55:00 – The justification of beliefs
57:30 – Incredible Networkers and Framing Issues
10:01:30 – What keeps people from doing what they want to do
10:03:30 – What is Ian obsessed with

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