Iman Gadzhi on Growing Your Agency, Systematizing Your Life, and Reinventing Learning

Iman Gadzhi (@imangadzhi) is the creator of Grow Your Agency and Iman Gadzhi (his personal brand.) At 17 he started and built a thriving influencer/smma agency and today teaches people how to grow their agency.

In this podcast, we chat about Iman’s past, his biohacking/systems for health, and much more.

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Show Notes:

02:00 – How Iman’s Journey Began
08:00 – Age, The Limiting Effect, and Aligning Yourself with A Target Market
10:00 – Using Age To Your Benefit
12:30 – Changing Education and Grow Your Agency
18:40 – Finding The Stem of The Problem
21:00 – How to Optimize Your Life and Hack Productivity
30:20 – Iman’s Personal Brand and Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) Approach – (Iman’s Case Study
36:40 – Iman’s High Leverage Skill (Systems Building)
47:00 – What Iman Gadzhi is currently questioning
51:20 – His current obsession

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