In-Group Out-Group Bias – Finding Your Tribe

If you’ve ever tried to join a new group or have gone to a part where it seemed impossible to talk to new people, then you understand the in-group out-group bias.

What Is A Tribe?

Return back a few hundred thousand years ago and one thing you’ll notice is the way that our ancestors traveled…

In something called a tribe.

A tribe typically was a number of around 150 people that would navigate together, hunt together, protect each other, and that shared a culture (before written word was created.)

In tribes one felt safe, around tribe’s that were not their own, they felt scared.

The same thing takes place today.

Whether you are a jock, stock-broker, or meditation guru you have a tribe. And the moment that you aren’t in your tribe anymore, you begin to feel the weight of the out-group bias root itself in you.

Why Does In-Group Out-Group Matter?

The reason that this matters so much is because you can use it to your benefit.

If you are trying to really hammer out a New Year’s resolution, then creating a group of people with the same aligned goals can vastly improve your adherence.

On the other hand, dissociating yourself with different groups (i.e. druggies) can also lead to you not performing the various actions that they perform.

Although, this can be two sided.

Strength in Numbers

On one side you have strength in numbers.

The ability to make change like Martin Luther King Jr, and subsequently create a movement (albeit small or large.)

It can become powerful when you learn to use in-group out-group biases and really dictate the flow of the wave (and even create trends like many businesses do.)

The Group Mentality Trap

Now the other side represents something that most of us fall into.

A group mentality where the other side becomes ALWAYS wrong.

The easiest place to see this… Politics. We’ve moved from an intermediate belief system to polar oppostite where saying “the wrong thing” can lead to exile and public berating.

That’s exactly antagonistic to who we are and who we want to be in this world.

Knowing this gives you power. You can be the voice that helps guide the group in a positive light, or you can wake up and go the opposite direction.

Never allow group mentality to take over your life and become your scape goat “The group said we could…”

How To Find Your Tribe

Now on to the fun part… How do you find your tribe?

Well, luckily, with this day and age, there are about 100 competing apps all trying to match you with someone similar.

Whether that be dating, meetups, or even just facebook groups, your tribe is out there and waiting for you.

First off context matters:

  • Linkedin – Business Peeps and Groups
  • Facebook – Everything you can imagine (in groups)
  • Reddit – Specific Topics (and trolls)
  • Meetup – Groups looking for members to join
  • Bars & Restaurants – Go to places your tribe would be at… often

Finding your tribe shouldn’t be a difficult task and once you do it, it’ll only feel natural.

For instance, going to a new gym can be daunting until you start to socialize with the people like you, or even better, rock climbing bouldering gyms (where everyone is sitting there chatting about how to do a particular course.)

And lastly, the internet, blogs, and online groups can be your friend as well.

Join This Tribe

Last but not least, I invite you to join this tribe. Think for yourself, question everything, and get updated when new information like this comes out in the future at -> The Heightened Living Tribe

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