It’s Time To Get More Sunlight… How To Use The Sun As Your Tool

How often are you getting sunlight?

We as humans have built civilizations around the sun for eons, heck superman’s strength comes as a direct result of sunlight.

So often we neglect this amazing tool that we have above us.

No, I’m not talking about solar energy, but what I am talking about is using the sun for health, for productivity, for your mood and so much more.

How To Get More Sunlight…

First off, let’s walk through 3 different ways to get more sunlight.

These are simple and easy to do, making them perfect habits to take up every single day.

1. A Daily Walk Outside

Most of us have a lunch break, or at some point during the sunny period of the day, we have some time to ourselves.

Heck, even a short bathroom break can provide enough time to get outside for a few quick minutes.

Going outside for a 20-minute walk (the total time that you NEED of direct sunlight a day) should be one of those innate habits that we implement daily.

Maybe you take a walking meeting, perhaps you talk on the phone outside while walking, or maybe your lunch break has a 20-minute walk included.

Get outside, go for a walk and get some sun.

2. Go Somewhere Warm and Sunny For Your Vacation

The average person takes about two vacations a year.

While many of us love skiing or visiting the in-laws for a weekend, what we NEED to do is get some sunlight.

Go somewhere warm, get some sun and layout at the beach.

Regardless of what you do for your vacations (don’t let me change your plans around) going somewhere that has sun can do a lot for your health.

Not only is sun relaxing (why you’re tired after a day in the sun) but here are some reasons to go somewhere warm:

  • Your skin clears up
  • During the winter, this vacation may combat SAD (seasonal affective disorder.)
  • Testosterone and overall hormone balance improve (1)

3. Integrate It Into Your Morning Routine

Whether you usually get up and do the Tony Robbins Priming or fill out your productivity planner, a morning routine is crucial.

Heck, its one of the formative habits that lead to Heightened Living.

Now, one of the easiest ways to get sunlight in your day-to-day routine is to incorporate it.

Maybe you do your stretching outside or drink your coffee on the porch each morning.

Whatever it is that you do, you likely have time to get up and go outside for at least 10-20 minutes while finishing your routine (reading, drinking coffee, stretching, meditation, planning, journaling.)

What Are The Benefits of Getting More Sunlight?

While there are many, there are three main benefits I want to highlight.

1. Vitamin D

I’ll bet you that you lack vitamin d (if you don’t live in a sunny place near the equator.)

Personally, I know anytime it’s the winter I require it, and that’s why I start to supplement it or make sure that I travel somewhere warm for a week every month or two.

Vitamin D is one of the most important fat-soluble vitamins and is used for so many processes in the body.

Getting 20 minutes of sunlight will help you get the bare minimum you need daily.

2. Boosted Mood and Wellbeing

There’s a reason everyone is laughing and happy when they are in the sun.

It is our primary source of energy, meaning that when we don’t have it, we are missing a metaphorical fountain of youth.

Getting sunlight boosts mood and cut down SAD (seasonal affective disorder) giving us nutrients and light that we often lack.

Yes, as humans light is a nutrient, if you are always in dark places, a dark office space, or live far from the equator, it may be advantageous to pursue getting a white light lamp.

3. Eyesight

Our eyes need light.

In fact, our eyes need around 2 hours of sunlight a day, or the equivalent in the light.

That’s why in a Chinese study the results that most kids in China are developing myopia from using LED/artificial light constantly (2.)

When we don’t see good amounts of natural light outdoors daily(3), our ciliary muslces start to weaken and so does our vision.

So for the sake of your eyes get some light.

How Does This Fit Into Heightened Living

While the body is one of the most important aspects of Heightened Living, this is a double whammy.

Not only can we outwardly pursue the sun, but we can make it so our daily actions just occur in the sun

Instead of multitasking, it’s a high leverage skill to get productivity and sunlight.

Read outside, eat outside (which has a lot of other cool benefits) and go get some sun.

Thanks for reading,


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