James Fell on the Holy Shit Moment and Kickstarting Your Life

James Fell (bodyforwife) is the author of The Holy Shit Moment and Lose it Right. He’s been writing articles for the Los Angeles Times since 2010, the Chicago Tribune since 2012, had columns with Chatelaine and AskMen, and been published in TIME Magazine, The Guardian, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and many others.

In this podcast, we dive into James newest book The Holy Shit Moment and how just one moment can seriously change your life for good.

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Show Notes:

02:40 – Where did James’ Journey Begin?
04:58 – Crystalization of discontent leading to life-changing epiphanies.
09:00 – How James view’s effort in the tasks that feel aligned with who you want to be.
16:00 – How different thought systems play into having the Holy Shit Moment.
20:00 – The neuroscience of the life-changing epiphany.
25:45 – How algorithms play on our neuroscience and can influence thought systems.
29:50 – How Silence and Dreams lead to breakthroughs
35:30 – James high leverage skill
38:50 – What he has been questioning
47:25 – James current obssession

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