Jay Feldman on Your Metabolism and How to Be Healthy

Jay Feldman (@jfwellness) is an independent researcher on the fields of health and alternative means of achieving health. On Jay Feldman wellness, Jay helps show alternative methods for true health using a bio-energetic viewpoint.

In this podcast, we dive into health, metabolism, how cells work and process energy, and so much more.

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Show Notes

02:10 – Where Jay’s journey begun
06:40 – The foundations of health
11:10 – Gilbert Ling – http://www.gilbertling.org/
15:00 – The practical and experiential of real health
25:30 – Fundamental components of health so you can individually use them.
31:20 – What Jay uses to biohack
44:00 – What Jay is currently questioning
54:00 – Jay’s dive down the economic rabbit hole.

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