Josiah Novak on Keys to Success and Disciplined Freedom

Josiah Novak (@josiahfitness) is the creator of True Transformation and The Fit Man podcast. Josiah currently is an online coach growing a great fitness business and helping tons of people get amazing results.

In this podcast we dive into how discipline equals freedom, what health looks like, life and the fear of death, and so much more.

Without further ado, welcome Josiah Novak.

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Show Notes:

00:30 – Favorite Superhero
02:00 – Kid’s videos on Youtube
03:20 – Why Josiah embarked on the fitness journey
05:00 – Is there a balance to life?
06:40 – Creating rules for life
09:40 – Prioritizing what is essential in your life for the right reasons.
11:20 – The #1 thing that is an indicator if a client will succeed or fail
13:30 – Those who succeed have a strong sense of self-belief
15:30 – What people who are successful do
17:00 – Skin In The Game
19:00 – Charging an amount that means something
23:40 – Paying for coaching doesn’t mean you’ve already got results
25:20 – Meaning of Josiah’s tattoos
31:00 – Making a summer fat loss challenge fun
33:00 – Moscow Mules
36:20 – Josiah’s High Leverage Skill
42:55 – What Josiah is questioning
44:35 – Death and the concept of no one actually knowing
48:45 – The natural moral code we are born with
50:40 – Solve for Happy
51:50 – What Josiah is obsessed with
54:40 – Josiah’s ritual for writing

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