Kanye West, Thought Policing, and Freeing Yourself From Mental Prisons

Yes, I’m going there.

Recently, Kanye West has been all over the news after he typed seven words in a tweet, leading to one of his infamous rants.

Although, the content of what he was saying and is trying to say is a lot more important than we think.

Let’s dive into it.

Kanye West, Thought Policing and Freeing Yourself From Mental Prisons


“I Love The Way Candace Owens Thinks”

That’s the seven words that eruptedĀ people on both sides of Kanye.

The message and what has evolved is a lot more important than people think.

While we currently live in one of the most peaceful times the world has ever known, the push for equality and more fairness continues strong, which is an amazing thing!

The problem is that through the fight for peace (something hypocritical in nature) we started to become thought police.

Now, one high leverage skill to master is Extreme Ownership (popularized by Jocko Wilink) or taking personal responsibility for everything that happens in our life.

So, at that, I take credit for Thought Policing as well.

Although, it is much more of an issue that people understand, because the moment we start the thought policing, is the moment we head down the path of 1984 where big brother takes control of us.

That is what happens when we thought police.

Kanye West is not crazy, in fact, what he is doing is subtly nudging the media and his fans (some of which are now enemies) to get out of their mental prisons and realize people can think different thoughts than the ones in their heads.

What’s A Mental Prison?

Popularized by Scott Adams, it’s a prison that we create by associating or categorizing specific information which can’t leave the prison.

I.e., Kanye West a black rapper, who rose from being poor, liking the thoughts of Republican women.

Regardless of if you are a democrat or republican, it’s a big jump to think freely.

You don’t have to fit into a tiny little box that has certain characteristics, but you can think for yourself.

We don’t even realize that if we want to, and enough people think the same thoughts, they can run a third political party with entirely new beliefs.

One of the hardest things to comprehend is that some people believe different things than you… And they aren’t wrong.

All in all, it comes down to loving one another more than their thoughts or beliefs, while still respecting what they think and believe.

Yes, it is hard at times, but it is the most important basic human right we have.

Free Thinking

How Does This Fit Into Heightened Living?

Critical thinking, free thinking and tending your mind like a garden is one of the essential high leverage skills.

We need to master our mind first.

And, along with that, questioning everything, like the informationĀ in the media, is so important to get strong on what you truly believe and who you are.

Be kind, be happy, think critically and a lot can come your way.

Kanye West is not crazy; he’s a very smart person using precisely what he knows how to do best.

Have any thoughts or opinions (I respect everything) I’d love to have some dialogue below.

Thanks for reading,


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