Kiki Bosch on Disrupting Comfort and Cold Water Diving

Kiki Bosch (_kiki.bosch_) is the creator of Disrupt the comfort, a Wim Hof certified trainer, and an all-around badass. Kiki travels the world helping people get out of their comfort, spearheads a cold water freediving movement, and teaching how to get in connection with the present moment.

Kiki and I explore a lot of concepts in this podcast. This is one to remember.

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Show Notes

01:20 – Kiki Bosch’s beginnings.
07:30 – Humans are made for storytelling and speaking up with their stories.
11:20 – How she started using Cold Water
18:45 – Kiki’s first event.
23:40 – How Kiki experiences and views her inner self.
30:00 – Warrior mothers and the warrior within us.
34:40 – Kiki’s mantra for the cold
36:00 – How Kiki trains for cold water free diving.
43:20 – What Kiki’s High Leverage Skill is.
47:00 – What she has been questioning

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