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I Attract. I Accept. I Project. On Mantras and Mental Self-Talk

Let’s talk about mantras…

First off, if you aren’t familiar with mantras, (because many people aren’t) here is the definition of a Mantra:

A sacred verbal formula repeated in prayer, meditation, or incantation, such as an invocation of a god, a magic spell, or a syllable or portion of scripture containing mystical potentialities. (1)

Now, that is the formal definition, not something that I am going to stress in this article. Instead, we are referring to mantras commonly used in meditation and repetitive phrases unique to you.

Essentially, this means a mantra is a phrase or word with importance to you.

It grounds you. It also allows you to create a consistent mind loop which then sets you off on the right path, mindset, and emotions.

While I’ve been using mantra’s for about eight years now (I mean, I have one tattooed on my arm) the one in the title is my current favorite.

Let’s dive into the power of mantras and why I think we all NEED to use them.

The Power of Mantras, Mental Phrases and Our Thoughts

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Do you know how many thoughts the average human has a day?(2)

Between 50,000 and 70,000

In other words… A Shit load.

In all of these thoughts we have, we can measure commonalities between high performers, less anxious people, and those on a direct path with the quality and content of their thoughts.

What does that mean?

Our thoughts are important. Their content even more so.

If you have fewer thoughts, you are typically a higher performer, less anxious, and know your path.

If that sounds astounding to you, let’s think about this in a different way.

Why The Amount Of Thoughts Means Nothing

We think all day long, besides the occasional break taken up by a nap (still thinking), sleeping (still thinking), or meditating (a majority of us are still thinking).

In that period, what is more important: The quality or quantity of thoughts?

Did I just relate quality vs. quantity to thoughts?

Why, yes I did.

The quality of the thoughts is what’s important.

You could have one thought all day, as long as it is a fantastic thought, and it allows you to live still.

You know to drink water, eat, and not walk into traffic.

Endure – A Case of Thoughts Creating Amazing Performance.

Recently, I had the great privilege of talking to Alex Hutchinson, author of the book Endure.

Now, what started out as a journey of wanting to figure out why the top performers in the world could do what they did, even with massive pain and discomfort, turned into a story of the mind.

Anything that takes ten years to write ends up in some unexpected places and Alex found himself investigating the mind.

You know that annoying motivational self-talk people often claim as the reason for their victory?

Well, it isn’t false.

There is a lot to understanding the human mind, our thoughts, and the way in which an interaction paves our path.

It’s also the reason that an Olympic athlete can push past the pain that you feel immediately when they go off on a 15-mile run (yeah, I’m not trying that anytime soon either).

Back To Mental Phrases and Mantras

One of the conclusions that most of these top performers came to on their own was the repetition of a phrase.

A mantra if you will.

We can trace this to most top performers for many reasons.

Think about the late Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg; there is a reason that they wore the same shirt every day.

It cuts out the decision, thus the thought, and allows for more “choice energy” (something I just made up) later in the day.

Mantras and mental phrases help in a similar fashion…

When we repeat over and over again something that speaks to us, it helps us stay focused, on track, and happy.

We don’t have to think about the negative or get sidetracked.

That is important.

Incredibly important.

And the reason that mantras exist — to stop the mind from chaos and tether it to a simple phrase or word.

I Attract. I Accept. I Project.

Now for this mantra above.

I created this, (I guess you could say it) because it speaks to me massively.

I often have a hard time accepting what I am attracting. Thus it makes it even harder to project it.

After each, you input what you are attracting, accepting, and projecting.

I.E., “I Attract abundance. I Accept Abundance. I Project Abundance.”

And that is what a mantra is all about…

Utilizing a phrase or word that speaks to you, sparks an insight, and can change your mindset that’s aligned with how you want to live.

Using Mantras In Day-To-Day Life

“Organizing” the chaotic thoughts that run through our minds each day is important.

It means to have conscious control over your mind.

Tending the garden, if you will.

And once we learn to use this, our mantra, we can control our mind and our perception of the world around us.

Share this with someone who you care about.

– Austin

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