Move Slowly To Make an Impact

Often I find myself trying to do something.


I honestly can’t tell you, but I know that I’m trying to do something so I either:

  • Don’t have to do something else
  • Stay occupied
  • Feel productive

Essentially, I find myself doing, and doing at a rapid pace in order to stop myself from slowing down, taking time, and being methodical in the actions I’m taking.

And it’s a problem I see all around. 

Why Do We Need To Keep Doing?

This is something I ask myself all the time.

Why the hell do I need to keep doing something?

Often like I stated before, it’s just some minor task that my brain has remembered and thus allocated all of my resources to.

I.e. it doesn’t matter much, but I end up believing it does.

Now, this comes down to a few different mechanisms, namely our quest for meaning paired with the need to feel productive.

The opposite of meaning is well… blind unknowingness.

The opposite of productivity is procrastination.

Thus, what we often see is a trap of emotions and thought. The mental conversation looks as such:

“Okay keep going… Do something. We need to do something because if we aren’t doing something then we aren’t doing anything and that means we won’t achieve our goals.”

Yet, the truth is, it can be quite the opposite.

The Void Creates The Valley

If you’ve ever driven through a valley or seen the grand canyon, where does the amazement lie?

No, not in the rocks or valley themselves, but instead in the absence of rocks and land in certain areas.

The problem we run into is that many of us want to continually do, but that keeps the valley full. And a valley that is full is just flat land.

As we allow ourselves to quiet, our minds to stop chattering, and moments of absence or nothingness (see the article on nothing as the answer) becoming prevalent we become who we are.

It’s very hard to look in the mirror if you are trying to diffuse a bomb, and that’s the level of stress we like to put ourselves in.

The level of stress from diffusing a bomb and sending an email isn’t alike… So stop telling yourself they are similar.

Faster Is NOT Better

Doing more, quicker, often seems to be at the top of mind for most high paced type 1 individuals.

Granted, that isn’t how this works.

By doing things faster, you often do things without true focus.

What is important should take as long as it should.

When we rush, we diminish quality. On the other hand, when we slow down and take our time we end up allowing ourselves to have that deliberate focus that can create something of worthwhile.

Quality of Time Use Is Important

This is important.

How we use our time is as important as the amount of action we can milk out of our time.

Trying to squeeze as much as you can into each day, brings about the law of diminishing returns. If you aren’t familiar, the law of diminishing returns states at a certain threshold more leads to diminishing returns.

I.e. trying to do too much in a short period of time.

Then time degrades, flies by, and you end up becoming a slave to your tasks.

Don’t Let Life Fly By

And that’s the important part of this article.

There is nothing to do from it, except to slow down. Notice what you are doing, be in the moment of what you are doing, and direct your conscious awareness to that.

Stop trying to do more simply just because you’ve heard and think that you should.

Instead, in this very moment, you likely have everything you need or want.

That’s why monks can live on the side of the road with the amount of joy that a billionaire will never receive. They’ve come to the ability to slow down, take time to live inside of their own life, and experience the present moment.

Slowing down can save your life.


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