Nathan Hatch on Autism, EMFs, Light Exposure, and Decreasing Stress

Nathan Hatch (@natyehatch) is the creator of Fuck Portion Control and a good friend of mine. After getting thyroid cancer in 2014 and finding himself unaided by medical institutions, he learned about human biology and the underlying causes of metabolic diseases such as cancer in order to keep himself alive.

He has a host of knowledge surrounding metabolic health.

In this episode we breakdown EMFs and electro-pollution, autism (the probable cause) and how light plays into the bigger picture of health.

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Show Notes:

00:35 – How EMFs can affect
03:00 – EMFs/Electro-Pollution and their effect on sleep and recovery
05:00 – How healthy people aren’t as affected by EMFs
11:00 – Using Defender Shield or EMF blocking technologies to help
19:00 – Grounding as a practice for GABA production
21:30 – How light affects overall health (and the Valkee Human Charger)
24:55 – GABA, Light, and the cause of Autism
35:55 – How to reverse the virus that may cause Autism
40:30 – Why being sleepy (not tired) is a good sign
49:40 – How people are detached from their body (and why it’s a self-protective mechanism)
54:55 – Cancer’s connection to the parasympathetic nervous system
57:45 – Diagnosing your temperature and pulse rate
1:06:00 – Trying to eat 30g of Salt
1:10:00 – Overdosing on hormones and DMSO
1:20:45 – How to marijuana effects metabolism
1:24:00 – LSD and it’s positive effects on metabolism
1:36:00 – Brewer’s Yeast (disgusting and powerful for health)

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2 years ago

That was an interesting podcast; thank you. You discussed what could be causing symptoms of biotin deficiency in people with autism. It is known that oxalate displaces biotin in carboxylase enzymes, and research and anecdotal evidence suggests that oxalate is a major issue for people with autism. I would imagine that elevated oxalate is the primary reason for biotin deficency symptoms in autism. There’s a summary here but no research links, though they can easily be found by searching on the Trying Low Oxalates yahoo or FB groups, or by using the PubMed search function. This website hasn’t been updated… Read more »

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