Nathan Hatch on Thyroid Cancer and Mastering Metabolism

Nathan Hatch (@naytehatch) is the founder and creator of Fuck Portion Control. Nathan reversed his thyroid cancer utilizing principles based on healing metabolism and overall health.

Nathan and I discuss an incredible amount about health and wellness in this episode, a lot of which is counter to what most people have been told.

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Show Notes

02:30 – Nathan’s journey starting with disease
10:15 – How Cancer is always paired with other symptoms.
15:00 – Misinformation about getting healthy and feeling good.
17:00 – Thyroid medication and healing the thyroid
19:45 – Iodine therapy
24:15 – Progesterone and how it works.
31:50 – Calcium, Molybdenum, Boron, and Progesterone
52:30 – The winter and light deficiencies.
1:03:05 – Vitamin C and how to use it effectively.
1:07:40 – How to limit fluoride and chlorine in your day-to-day.
1:16:20 – Baking soda and apple cider vinegar
1:22:40 – Nathan’s high leverage skill
1:29:40 – What Nathan currently is questioning

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