Niraj Naik – The Renegade Pharmacist on Soma Breath and Colostrum For Health

Niraj Naik is the creator of the Renegade Pharmacist. He is best known for his breathing technique Soma Breath and travels around the world teaching it. Using the power of breathing and Colostrum he completely changed his health after having debilitating stomach pains that kept him bed ridden.

In this episode, we dive into how to use the breath for good, how oxygen isn’t always your friend, why the pharmaceutical industry is riddled with greed, and what you can do to take health into your own hands.

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Show Notes:

03:35 – How Nirajs Journey Began
08:00 – When the Renegade Pharmacist Was Born
11:45 – How Pranayama and Ayurvedic Helped Heal Him
15:40 – Using Ayurveda To Heal The Body
29:00 – The Effect of Misinformation on Health
38:20 – How Soma Breath Can Revolutionize Your Life
52:40 – Overbreathing and How Can Be Bad In Some Situations
1:04:00 – What Niraj is Currently Questioning

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