Patrick Mckeown on Nasal Breathing, Buteyko and The Oxygen Advantage

Patrick Mckeown (@theoxygenadvantage) is the author of The Oxygen Advantage, Close Your Mouth, Anxiety Free and much more. He is a crusader in Nasal Breathing and someone who has helped pull the method of Buteyko breathing into the spotlight. Today he is active on The Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko Clinic and helps both Certify/teach people about proper breathing.

Without further ado, please welcome Patrick Mckeown.

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The Shownotes:

00:20 – Origin of Buteyko Breathing
02:15 – Ray Peat and Research on C02
03:40 – C02 and E.D. (Versus Nitric Oxide) and How C02 plays onto panic attacks
06:20 – Breathing is for the nose, eating is for the mouth
07:15 – Nasal Breathing, Processed Foods, and Pottenger’s Cats
09:20 – Orthodontics and How They Play Into Brain Structure
12:00 – Breathing being a high leverage skill
14:30 – Pulse Oximetry and how to improve performance (recommended Pulse Oximeter)
16:30 – Taping your mouth shut for better sleep and recovery (recommended tape
18:00 – The nose being attached to diaphragm breathing
20:00 – Why Big Breathes aren’t what we think they are.
21:15 – Wim Hof and should you follow hyperventilation?
22:30 – BOLT Score and what that means
23:15 – Meditation with no communication for days at a time
24:30 – Follow the breath to pull your mind into a relaxation based response
25:15 – How people break phones and get peace…
27:00 – People who think the most are least happy
28:00 – Setting intentions to your phone
29:00 – Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle, Osho and Spirituality
30:00 – Patrick’s High Leverage Skill
31:30 – Corporations not caring about employees and the stress that creates.
34:00 – The falsify of job security
36:00 – The Theory of quality over quantity
37:30 – Is Patrick Questioning anything
39:30 – How far the research on dangers of mouth breathing go
45:20 – Asthma, Hay Fever (allergies) and Mouth Breathing

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