The Perfect Morning Stretching Routine For A Better Body

The morning stretching routine is so important to wake up the body.

When we neglect to wake our bodies up directly in the morning, our workouts, work, and mind don’t seem right.

That’s why I’ve put together the little video above and this article to walk you through how to set-up the perfect morning stretching routine and the stretching exercises I use.

The Three-Part Perfect Morning Stretching Routine

Unlike most stretching routines that will tell you to do exactly what is in the book, this is going to be a bit different.

I am a fan of complete autonomy, and with that, I’ll give you the guidelines that I use for the stretching routine, but want you to explore and see what works for you instead of settling on one thing.

Just like our diets and schedules, we are all different and need something different.

Let’s dive into the three-parts to this stretching routine.

1. Make Sure To Start With Breathing

When it comes down to it, breathing is one of the most important high leverage skills that you can practice. That’s why this routine starts with breathing (and I start my morning with the priming method.)

By starting your morning stretching routine with breathing, you can make sure you become centered on the body during these stretching exercises.

And you get the diaphragm and internal muscles working before the external.

2. Make Your Stretching Exercises Revolve Around The Joints.

This is another big one.

Putting your joints through their complete motion will allow them to activate more motion over time, and prevent your joints from getting injured from the day-to-day grind.

Neglecting full ROM (range of motion) can dramatically hinder how you function long-term.

Its the reason most people develop ankle, knee, back and other joint based problems (which affect everything else downstream.)

3. Move From The Top of Your Body To The Bottom

I use the top to the bottom method to make sure I’ve worked through all areas.

By starting at the neck and really working down the body you’ll ensure that you hit all areas, whilst also getting in tune with your body.

Get familiar with where you are tight and where you are.

Knowing the body can be such a great HLS because at the drop of a hat you’ll know what is wrong and what isn’t wrong based on your feelings.

Bonus – Have Fun!

Have fun, move around and get that body active in the morning.

This is the easiest and yet most beneficial stretching routine, where you get to have full control.

Using some of the stretching exercises that revolve around working full range-of-motion with the joints, you’ll be set and on your day.

What’s your favorite stretch to do in the morning? Leave it below.

Thanks for reading,


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