Dr. Philip Blair on CBD Oil, Health, and How To Get The Most from A Dose

Dr. Philip Blair is an MD specializing in the healing aspects of CBD. He is at the forefront of knowledge when it comes to using CBD oil for pain, health, and a host of reasons. On Pro Health Advisors he helps patients with extraordinary disease management, and he also serves as a consultant for the CBD company Elixinol.

If you’ve ever wondered about what you can do with CBD and if it can improve your life, this is the podcast for you.

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Show Notes

00:30 – Philips journey into CBD
02:45 – How to use food as medicine
04:30 – Foods and the endocannabinoid system
06:30 – CBD and metabolism
09:20 – What happens with just taking CBD and no diet change.
14:00 – The interplay between CBD and other substances
20:00 – The different ways that CBD can be used (performance, athleticism, etc.)
29:30 – Depression, psychotic and CBD
33:00 – Becoming all that you can be with CBD
37:20 – Philip’s High Leverage Skill
40:20 – What Philip is questioning
45:20 – Philip’s favorite CBD (elixinol)

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