Rusty Moore on High Carb Fat Loss and Utilizing Pinterest

Rusty Moore (Visual Impact Fitness) is one of the original fitness bloggers. After starting Fitness Blackbook and ranking most search terms on Google, Rusty re-evaluated his messaging and started Visual Impact Fitness.

Recently, Rusty has launched High Carb Fat loss on Visual Impact Fitness, all about a contrarian viewpoint too paleo and ketosis.

Without further ado welcome Rusty Moore.

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Show Notes:

00:10 – A.I. and Taking Over Story Takers
01:15 – Superintelligence
02:00 – Rusty’s start with fitness blackbook
04:00 – sends traffic to harass Rusty
08:00 – Visual Impact Fitness is created
10:00 – Why most of Google’s traffic is saturated with mediocre content
12:00 – How the paleo and primal diet leads to bad results
15:00 – Using Brad Pilon’s Lower Protein Diet
16:30 – Trying to get people fat with carbs
18:00 – The unknowingness of long-term ramifications of new diets
21:15 – How Rusty is utilizing Pinterest for quality traffic and audience
25:00 – Pinterest being a friendly community
26:00 – The High-Carb Fat Loss Diet
27:00 – Why Rusty became an ordained minister
29:00 – Rusty’s High Leverage Skill
33:30 – What Rusty is Questioning
36:30 – Rereading the War of Art and Linchpin

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