Samuel Camburn on Fascia, Fixed Responses, and Resistance Flexibility

Samuel Camburn (@samuelcamburn) is a resistance flexibility expert, former US Army Ranger, and Entrepreneur whose lifelong vision is to help people pave the way to lasting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Being a lifelong student of movement, this was an awesome podcast, as Samuel’s methodology and understanding of his own body and we program our fascia is incredible.

For anyone wanting to learn more about their body, this is the podcast for you.

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Show Notes:

01:00 – Where Sam’s Journey Begam
05:45 – When Sam found Bob Cooley and resistance flexibility
08:20 – Why Sam joined the rangers
13:00 – A quick rant on A.I. and keeping what worked in the past
17:30 – Healing is Voltage
19:50 – Getting rid of a systemic eye condition
23:20 – How Fascia relates to the body
31:30 – Resistance flexibility
41:20 – Understanding each other from different perspectives.
46:30 – How information comes from many different angles.
59:30 – Fixed responses
1:01:45 – Sam’s High Leverage Skill
1:06:00 – What Sam is currently obsessed with.

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