Solocast 1 – IGTV, User Happiness, and Red Light Optimization

This is the first solocast (featuring @Trent_McCloskey) where we dive into some of what I’m interested in and concepts/thoughts that I’ve wanted to explore recently.

We cover a lot in this episode so get ready, because there is no set schedule or topic, just some ranting from my mind.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the show.

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Show Notes:

1:00 – Content creation and batching
3:50 – IGTV
5:45 – IG description and search quality
8:30 – Dry brushing
9:40 – Stiff Areas of The Body
12:00 – Is it mean to call out whats real?
15:00 – Do you feel bad eating improperly or is it a build up?
16:20 – Follow your bliss or short-term happiness?
17:00 – The best restaurant idea
19:00 – Focusing on user sentiment and happiness vs. a revenue
22:00 – Creating a legacy
25:00 – Utilizing red light and sunlight
27:00 – The Oxygen Advantage
28:00 – Plants and oxygen quality
29:00 – Being intentional in everything you do
32:00 – Minimalism and what do we truly need
33:20 – Derek John’s podcast
34:00 – Vitaly Clothing
37:30 – The Toltec Art of Life and Death

Thanks for listening and make sure to leave a review on Itunes if you haven’t already!

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