D.J. Murakami (Strongcamps) on Fitness Dogma and Movement

D.J. Murakami (@strongcamps) is a fitness expert, movement explorer, and creator of the movement university. If you head to his Instagram page, you’ll see exactly why he gets hate by different fitness paradigms as he explores and creates amazing movements that not only look cool but make the body figure out how to adapt.

He also is apart of Stick Mobility and a huge proponent of utilizing sticks inside of training for better strength and mobility.

Without further ado, here is the podcast with D.J. Murakami (Strongcamps.)

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Show Notes:

01:15 – D.J.’s Favorite Superhero (Jedi)
02:30 – The journey of strongcamps
06:00 – Getting away from the words that imply specific movement patterns
10:30 – What D.J. is playing with right now
13:45 – Why he’s trying to lose followers on Strongcamps right now
18:00 – Tools to move correctly and the FRC way
20:45 – Trainer’s getting their education from Instagram
26:45 – Be a real fucking person
33:00 – #kingofsketch
35:00 – The dogma of different fitness movements
40:45 – D.J.’s Higher Leverage Skill
42:30 – What Strongcamps is Questioning
51:20 – What he is obsessed with

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