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Dr. Emily Splichal on Barefoot Strong and Reclaiming Your Feet


Dr. Emily Splichal (@Dremilydpm) is the author of Barefoot Strong, The owner of EBFA Global which teaches people how to take control of barefoot health and foot care, the creator of the Naboso Technology, and an expert when it comes to reclaiming your feet and being able to move at your own accord. In this…

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Frank Forencich on Exuberant Animal and The New Old Way


Frank Forencich (@exuberant_animal) is the creator of Exuberant Animal and author of two books (the newest one to be released later this year called The New Old Way.) After studying in Africa, understanding the complexities of human movement, and finding the new old way Frank began teaching the amazing principles of movement, fun, Ubuntu and…

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D.J. Murakami (Strongcamps) on Fitness Dogma and Movement


D.J. Murakami (@strongcamps) is a fitness expert, movement explorer, and creator of the movement university. If you head to his Instagram page, you’ll see exactly why he gets hate by different fitness paradigms as he explores and creates amazing movements that not only look cool but make the body figure out how to adapt. He…

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The Perfect Morning Stretching Routine For A Better Body


The morning stretching routine is so important to wake up the body. When we neglect to wake our bodies up directly in the morning, our workouts, work, and mind don’t seem right. That’s why I’ve put together the little video above and this article to walk you through how to set-up the perfect morning stretching…

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