The Difference Between Multitasking and High Leverage Skills

it may seem like High Leverage Skills are another form of multitasking, I want to clear the air and differentiate the two.

So in this quick article, let’s break down the difference between multitasking and high leverage skills.

The Difference Between Multitasking and High Leverage Skills

Multitasking by definition is:

 “the performance of multiple tasks at one time.”

More specifically, multitasking is what you see when a parent is simultaneously trying to work and parent, or when someone is trying to both send an email and get an assignment done accidentally mixing up the two tasks.

And one of the worst places that we commonly see multitasking is when we see drivers texting.

Don’t do that.

Now, multitasking and this perceived notion of being more efficient by getting multiple things done at the same time is utterly false.

According to many different studies, they’ve shown that multitasking leads to decreased performance in the all of the tasks simultaneously being performed(1.)

Not to mention that many people accidentally blend the tasks being done at the same time (yes, that’s why you typed out what your friend was saying to you.)

In other words, by multitasking, you may think you are more efficient, but the truth is that you are losing efficiency and quality in work.

On the other hand, High Leverage Skills accomplish a different feat.

HLS is similar to the foundation of a building or a blueprint for its building.

What it allows you to do is master underlying tasks that lead to better efficiency and quality of work.

It may look like you are doing multiple tasks at the same time, but you are on autopilot for the HLS allowing yourself to perform the task at hand with ease.

Take for instance the HLS of breathing.

Learning to breath better will help you with running/fitness, meditation, sex and so much more.

Now when you are working out, adding in a good breathing practice doesn’t create a situation where you are multitasking.

Instead, you’ve built out the high leverage skill which is allowing your other action not only to be better but get better results.

That is powerful.

And that is the difference between HLS and Multitasking.

Do you have any HLS you love? Put it in the comments below.

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