The Four Benefits of Coffee (That Lead To A Better Life)

When it comes to our mornings, most of us start with a cup o’ joe.

Despite that, the media sometimes portrays coffee as something that we shouldn’t be drinking.

In this quick article (and the video above), I’m going to give you four benefits of coffee which can lead to a better life.

The Four Benefits of Coffee

1. Coffee Can Improve Your Metabolism

Depending on your bodies natural ability to utilize glucose and if you have a fast or slow caffeine metabolism, you may be able to improve your metabolism using coffee.

See while many people claim that coffee’s energy¬†comes from its ability to cut down Adenosine(1.) in the brain (which sometimes results in the wired and tired feeling), coffee can improve energy in other ways.

Coffee can be a de-stressor.

Yeah, you read that right.

Meaning you are getting less stressed from drinking it.

Caffeine and the fatty acids in coffee have been shown to help the cell’s mitochondria with oxidative phosphorylation (helping to produce ATP) and giving the cells a surplus of energy.

Which means that your cells can keep you going.

Here’s a full article from Ray Peat at – Caffeine: A Vitamin-Like Nutrient, or Adaptogen

2. Daily Coffee Can Be A Great Way To Structure A Routine

Now, some people rely on coffee to get started and have energy.

Which is by no means healthy or sustainable.

On the other hand, using the daily brew of coffee can be an easy way to structure a routine and have a state change.

Tony Robbins often talks about having state changes throughout your day, things that pull you into a great mood and get you ready for the said task.

Coffee can be one of those quick-trigger state-changes whether you drink it or not.

In fact, Seth Godin, who wrote the Purple Cow, doesn’t drink coffee but roasts his beans and makes it every morning as a ritual.

Here’s the full podcast:¬†

3. Coffee Is A Nootropic

A Nootropic is defined as:

A drug that enhances learning and memory and lacks the usual pharmacology of other psychotropic drugs (e.g. sedation, motor stimulation) and possesses very few side effects and extremely low toxicity (2.)

Essentially, coffee itself, helps the brain perform more efficiently.

It can increase cognition, improve thought and so much more.

Almost every writer and creative has used some caffeine, mainly coffee, in their daily habits for creativity and I assume (not to make an ass out of you and me) that it’s because of this fact. (Daily Routines)

Using a cup of coffee to get the brain accelerated is never a wrong way to start the day (so long as it isn’t a crutch.)

4. Coffee Makes It Easy To Practice Quality

While practicing the skill of quality with more significant purchases can be hard for many, coffee provides an accessible outlet.

Opting for the better cup, instead of quantity, with coffee is easy.

There’s also the aspect of quality from the bean, to the grind, to the brewing method which allows you to practice quality at multiple outlets.

Although, you may become a snob like me.

A Quick Summary:

Coffee is great for so many other reasons, but the four we highlighted here are:

  • Metabolism
  • Habits and Routines
  • Nootropic
  • Quality

A cup of coffee a day keep the brain fog away.

Let me know your favorite roast below!

Thanks for reading,


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Brooklyn Johnson
1 year ago

I had no idea that coffee can improve your metabolism! I’ve always wanted to start drinking coffee daily but wasn’t sure if it was good for me . After learning about all of the many benefits of drinking coffee, I will definitely start drinking it regularly!

Camille Devaux
1 year ago

A friend of mine is thinking about getting coffee for her office. It makes sense that you would want to choose this drink since there is an aspect of quality involved. Making sure that you are picking the right coffee might mean that my friend is getting better quality.

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