The Waves of Life – Depression, Stagnation, Elation, and Feeling High

A problematic, yet truthful understanding of our own minds is hard.

Even harder is to keep within our memory the feelings that we go through day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year, and so on.

While our memories are pretty amazing, we often don’t realize, what we’ve forgotten and don’t know.

(Que your grandparents telling you the same story that you’ve heard about 15-20 times before…)

Now, while this isn’t something that necessarily impedes our day to day, it is something that can drastically throw of our mindset and mental fortitude with that.

Currently, I’m in a mental period of a low.

My life, my business, my friendships, my health, and everything in between is thriving.

Yet, I’m left in a place of dumbstruck. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I am exactly on the right path, or if what I am doing is productive to who I will become in the next few years.

It’s not a feeling we like to contend with, but it’s something that happens often. And I know that. Because I ensure that when these moments happen, I need to look back and see when it has happened before.

Tracking Your Mindsets and Moods

Quantification is awesome.

I recently put up a Youtube Video about how to qunaitfy and actually utilize the data that you get on yourself.

Although, while we have qunaitufication tools for movement, sleep, breathing, heart rates, and everything in between, we don’t quantify our moods or rythyms.

That can be a problem.

In the fast paced world we are living in, we often don’t take time to enjoy the good parts of life, but really live presently in the shitty moments (the ones that we think will never end.)

Which is where tracking comes in.

Similar to water, environmental factors can completely change our state.

Having said that, this internal state also functions in a rhythmic wavelike period.

We’ve all gone through depressive episodes, sad days, the blues, but we’ve all also been through maniac highs, joy, and deep gratitude.

Now this chaotic mania that we trifle through can seem choatic and based on disorder, when in reality, we can start to piece together our lives through trackign.

Maybe that doens’t mean you can stop anything, but if you are just starting the journey with a clear path of what it looks like at the end you become better able ot actually get to the end… And then live there.

How We Can Track Our Emotions and Mindset

I’m a journal nerd.

I love a good journal, heck I’ll pay good money for a good journal even if I only set its purpose to be used yearly.

Having said that, you don’t need a journal to track your mindset and emotions. Probably a better method is utilizing Evernote or a similar service.

Each time you feel a true shift in your mood for more then 3 days (we want a trend) try to map out what happened and why.

This will take in depth thought.

(What did you eat? Who were you around? What happened? How was work? Did you watch something on Television? Have you mediatited?)

Each of these questions (and all of the ones sepcific to you) can help pull you out of a rut or at least get you to identify why this rut started in the first place.

Allowing The Wave To Come & Go

In Hermetic Philosophy, one of the seven laws is the law of waves.

More specifically, everything in life moves in waves. The amount of money that you have, relationships, health, all of it.

There is nothing truer to my human experience than this.

The problem is, we often get caught up in the ways.

Floating doesn’t require much energy, but once you start to “try” and float to hard, the waves seemingly pull you down.

Our lives and waves of existence operate in the same way. Try to fight a low and you’ll end up pulling yourself lower.

Float during that low, and allow the situation to present itself and then dissapate and you create an internal environment proactively moving towards a better future.

While the “free will” debate will always be going on, there is one ability that we all have…

To see the wave, acknowledge the direction, and breath into it. We don’t seek to control, fight, or change what is occurring but instead, let the situation unfold itself.

How many times have we been stuck or try to get out of something before a major lesson strikes us on the noggin and wakes us up to the reason we were in this situation?

I know I have. I also know I will have this a lot more.

Heck, currently I’m in one of these moods. Why? I don’t know. But surrendering is the only thing that I can do.

So surrender today and we will chat soon,


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