There’s 1 Rule… There Are No Rules

Yes, you read that correctly.

There aren’t any rules.

This is going to be a short, but powerful post on the truth to the nature of our reality… And what we are often missing.

A Constructed Narritive

If you’ve ever watched a crime drama, then you know what a constructed narrative looks like.

The writer takes you into the mind of either the detectives (looking for the bad guy) or the bad guy (committing the crime). Unknowingly, you are playing into and creating a narrative around who is good, who is bad, and what is going on.

Often, they then flip the whole story mid-way through to throw off your narrative and make the point something entirely different.

The problem is, much of what we believe is true about who we are and how the world should function lies in a similar course.

The Infant Mind

It begins when we are born.

We start to see relationships around us, language used in certain manners, the beliefs of our caretakers and those around us, and we begin to construct our narrative.

The world works this way because that is how the people I model act.

During this period of time, we create the idea of who we think we are.

School and It’s Reaffirmations

Then we enter into an institution called school.

School is the period in which we get to continue down our path of constructed narratives, finding a certain friend group, and succumbing to the rules of the “authority” around this institution.

It is during this period that we stop questioning things because to do so makes you an outside and an outsider has no friends and no perks.

Post-School Cluelessness

Finally, we make it out of school and into the real world, once again trying to see how the narrative fits.

Often, it won’t. Which is simply because we create a narrative of what we think we know, not what we think we don’t know.

Leading to the feeling of “not fitting in” and the questioning of who we are and if we are doing anything correctly.

What’s Wrong With The Narrative

Mostly everything.

The reason this is wrong is because it lies within a certain premise:

Other people have it all figured out.

We drop the mindset of figuring out life for ourselves and develop the mindset of just following the footprints in the sand.

And the truth is, almost no one has it figured out.

From Politicians to Movie Stars to Billionaires, the more that you think someone has it figured out, when looking behind the veil, you realize they don’t.

Sure, a lot of people have something figured out, but it isn’t everything that they have figured out.

Take for instance, the business tycoon who is fat. Good at business, bad at health.

Or the health guru who is poor.

On and on you can see these dilemmas, but the question is “why do we believe everyone has it figured out when we don’t?”

My Theory On The Loch Ness Monster

When I was a kid, I thought everyone had it figured out.

Most importantly, something I wanted us as humans to figure out, was if or if not the Loch Ness Monster existed.

I would often wonder why we didn’t just send the army to figure out and give a report, same with Pyramids, etc.

Low and behold, my mind, and the instilled belief that people have everything figured out took over.

Although, the truth is quite the opposite.

There Are No Rules

Yes, that is true.

Morals and Virtues aside, we really don’t have any rules.

Heck, even morals and virtues are up for debate. When we think about it, someone is 1,000,000x more evil than someone else in this world.

Now, I can’t comprehend someone being that evil. The problem is that our depiction of evil surrounds predispositions of belief about what is and isn’t evil.

Or in other words, that evil person may think they are doing what is best for all of humanity and think they are actually good.

And that is the conundrum that we live with.

In a world without rules, what do you want to do and who do you want to be?

Instead, of conforming to what society keeps as our unwritten rules (dress appropriately, choose the safe path in life, be in a monogamous relationship, be like everybody else) you have the power to take your life into your hands.

And with that, remember, there aren’t any rules.

Keep your morals, live with virtues, but don’t rely on the consensus of the masses to dictate your worth and your reality.

Because all in all, when you start to do it for yourself, you will be the one that they end up following.



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