Toby Dattolo On Following Your Gut and What is True

Toby Dattolo (@tobydatt0lo) is someone who chases their way and follows that gut intuition regardless of what common consensus is telling him. He’s currently a student of chiropractic medicine, and Onnit Coach, and certified in just about every fitness area there is.

On he helps clients start living their best life.

Without further ado, enjoy the podcast with Toby Dattolo:

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Show Notes:

01:00 – How Toby started on his journey
08:00 – Why Stress is the #1 killer and complaint (reason for the trip to the doctor)
09:00 – Closed systems vs. open systems when looking at the body
13:00 – Religion, Afterlife, and making the most of the time we have here.
20:00 – Incognito by David Eagleman
23:00 – You’ve got one choice and why you need to find your WHY
26:00 – Toby’s journey through Fownders
29:50 – What is Toby’s Why?
35:00 – Following your gut intuition
37:40 – What is Toby’s Higher Leverage Skill?
42:15 – What Toby is currently questioning
55:30 – How Psychedelics play into life and understanding the world.

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