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In the video above I showed a bit about how I wake up and jump into the Tony Robbins priming method.

The priming method has helped me immensely as it makes it so easy for me to get centered and my mind ready for the day.

How To Use Tony Robbins Priming Method For Mental Clarity

In all reality, this is as simple as it gets, but that doesn’t make it any less compelling.

The Tony Robbins priming method is one of the most powerful morning rituals that I use every day to center my mind.

Giving me control over the rest of the day.

See when the mind isn’t right, the rest of your day becomes impaired, because whatever you were feeling inside your mind shows everywhere.

It’s why when you have anxiety everything around you seems to make you anxious, or when you’re delighted everything¬†goes your way.

For this routine, I like to wake up and immediately jump into it.

You can find the video on what he walks you through below.

Remember, learning about your mind, how you tick, and how you can change your state at any time is a high leverage skill.

It can bring you from 0 to 100 almost immediately and kickstart you for anything that is too come.

Many professionals like to yell, or growl, or create some anchor that can reset the mind (and we will explore that in a future article), but for this, we are building an essential habit (not a skill) that will improve our overall day.

Setting our mind up for success from the crack of dawn.

Do you have a routine or ritual you use in the morning? Put it below!

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