Transmuting Chaos

History is currently being written.

Never in my lifetime have I seen something that will have the impact this virus has.

We all will be in quarantine, whether by choice or by force in the coming days.

This is a necessary experiment in delayed gratification and the common good (stay inside an extra 14 days and save countless lives.)

It’s sad, it’s scary, but it’s also a time to learn to use Chaos.

Chaos is simply energy that isn’t currently contained or directed.

You’ll see this within yourself. As fear or uncertainty sets in, it does so because we can’t seem to direct our excess energy.

Potential energy just waiting to be used.

Now is your time to learn to harness this energy.

First, Tend thy Mind

Without a clear mind, decisive action will not be available.

Those that make the hardest decisions are often the most calm.

Floyd Mayweather is often seen before fights relaxing and letting loose.

His mind is calm.

If your mind isn’t calm, it will be much more difficult to use this chaos because you will have untapped energy swirling around causing disruption of your mental state.

Here are a few steps to relaxing the mind into a calm state

Take 7 deep breaths.

Just try it. If this doesn’t “work” for you that is okay.

Breathe from the perineum (root chakra) up to the skull.

Note: This is not a pushing your belly out deep and taking a shallow breath.

Instead breathe to the lowest point of your body, allowing your cells to realize they can relax deep.

Change Your Body Language

Find a stance that provides certainty. Uncross your body. Stand like superman. Relax your shoulders back. Smile.

Be the change you wish you to see.

Journal Three Pages

Get the surface layer gunk out of your mind.

Journal without judgement. Write for yourself and not for someone else.

Put On Brain.Fm Calm

This always helps me. I can feel myself calming down and realizing everything is going to be okay.


Yes, we normally skip this one.

Kick the Caffeine and Stimulants – Nap Instead

Again, another common woe of a scattered mind.

Take a short nap. You don’t need an additional biological layer of stress right now.

Release all duties to the future

What is now is right. Discomfort is often created when we think things should be some way.

They aren’t so they shouldn’t.

With this pandemic, release all tasks, what ifs, and shoulds into the future.

You are here now.

Now is right. Now is beautiful.

Second, Move The Body

We’ve cleared the mental chaotic energy.

Now it’s time to move the body.

This doesn’t need to be rocket science.

You know how to move.

Find positions that feel good and keep moving.

We often like to go into any and every workout with a specific amount of exercises, sets, and reps.

Right now, drop that. We want to move chaotic energy in the body. Use the practices calling to you.

Here are some examples:
• Dance
• Singing
• Animal Flow
• Yoga
• HIIT Workouts
• Gymnastic training
• Jumping on furniture
• Running around (literally)
• Crawling
• Kettlebells
• Flailing around like a mad person

Move that energy. Your going to need the calm for the storm you will be riding out.

Third, Surveying Our Current State

The world is currently in a state of chaos from the Coronavirus (COVID19.)

Airports have shut down, travel restricted, restaurants and bars closing, and a impending national quarantine is on it’s way.

The stock market is in a major correction, businesses are failing, and many are loosing their jobs.

If history repeats itself, there have always been many who learn to transmute this Chaos into their new life.

Let me repeat.

Chaos is simply untamed energy. When you learn to transmute it, chaos can become your bestfriend.

It’s the hunter taming the beast which then hunts for him. It’s the wind Odysseus carries that would have brought him home, if not for the chaos within the sailors mind who opened it.

This energy is the most potent creationist energy to exist.

Are you ready to learn how to use it?

Transmuting Chaos

We must begin by deciding what we want to transmute this chaos into.

For some that will be creative energy that creates beautiful art.

With two or three weeks of quarantine think about the amazing music that those locked up with a recording studio could create.

It is simply beautiful.

For others, it may be the wealth they always knew they could generate. The market is at lows and the fear index at highs.

Calm decisive action can lead to wealth lasting generations during these times.

I could go on and on with examples, but instead I’ll give you a bit of what I’ll be Transmuting this Chaos into:

A mobile and agile physique:

Not going to the gym will force me to focus on moving my body in different ways than I am used to. These two weeks create a period of reset for my movement patterns. I plan on coming out of this quarantine feeling like a million bucks (and maybe with that too 😊 )


The truth is, I’ve been wanting solid rest for a long while. This is my excuse.

Sleep in longer, eat a bit more, focus on leaning into what my body is telling me and not abusing or misusing my body to go party.

Market Capitalization:

During much of this quarantine I assume the market will be closed, but the trajectory is obvious.

We will be entering a recession.

During this time we will see previously expensive and high quality stocks going for pennies on the dollar.

I plan to research, to analyze, and strategize on how to set up my investments so that I am sitting pretty when the storm parts.

Business Expansion:

While other businesses fail, we will prevail.

I pride myself and my business on being incredibly lean.

Why? Because our war chest has been building. It is set. It is ready.

While the smokescreen of funding without profitability starts to show in various businesses, I will be ready to acquire websites, eCommerce sites, and assets that improve ATTN Labs and Spiritual Narcissist ethos.

This is going to be an incredible sale for anyone with cash.


I’ve been getting ready to buy property, and the time is coming.

As things dip, real estate will follow. I am currently book marking properties that I love and awaiting the sales.

Affiliate Offers and Scalable Quick Turnaround Solutions:

We will all be quarantined for weeks. Repetitiveness leads to boredom. Boredom leads to seeking of novelty.

What businesses perform well during times of boredom?

Entertainment, information products, and solution solving products.

During this time, I’ll be hunting for offers I stand behind and that I can promote with certainty in profitability. People will be spending money to fight their boredom.

Get in front of them with the right content, the right entertainment, the right products, and the right solutions and you will win.

Self Betterment

This is also a perfect time to become a better version of you.

Online coaches and experts will be around awaiting the chance to help you grow during this period.

Hire that coach you’ve been waiting for.

Now is the time to emerge a better person.

Content Creation:

With hours and hours of added indoor time, it is perfect for creating content.

Write, film, read, create.

This is your time to be uninterrupted and allow yourself to enter flow.

What Happens Next?

You should now have some good ideas for transmuting chaos.

When you do, it’s time to get started.

In any movie, when the lead character needs to tame the beast (animal/dragon/starship) they get thrown into it, learning while doing.

Transmuting chaos works in the same way.

You need to dive in, stay calm, and use this Chaos.

You know how to get started.


P.s. this was my jump into the chaos – I’d love to hear how you started transmuting.

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