Trent McCloskey on Consistency, Creating Your Own Reality and Reducing Stress

Trent McCloskey (@trent_mccloskey) is the founder of and a long-time friend. He is a fitness coach, master of the fonts and creates content on Instagram.

Watch for Trent’s new podcast which will be out shortly.

Please enjoy this chat with Trent McCloskey.

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Show Notes:

1:00 Why do people In Florida walk around the grocery store with no shirt or shoes
4:00 how Trent got bullied for being the “Skinny Kid.”
10:00 Trent’s depression and moment of questioning himself
11:00 Getting bigger MADE him go the football route
12:30 Fit sick people and aesthetics vs. health
15:00 Do most people think about suicide at one point in life?
18:00 Making the smallest changes is important
20:00 All the bad things that happened to Trent from Football
21:30 Why most high-schools don’t know how to program
24:00 Trent’s experience with Vemma and Verve
25:00 The Kinobody transformation contest and Trent’s introduction to real fitness
27:00 Writing guest posts for each other (GTM Fitness and Mindful Lifestyle days)
29:00 The Offer
30:00 Why Trent got a job at an Italian Restaurant
33:00 How consistency is like magic
35:00 Why Trent went to college
38:00 How close people often try to keep you on the traditional path
40:00 Business school doesn’t teach you how to start a business
43:00 Trent’s allergies and gut problems even though he seemed healthy
45:00 Essential Oil Diffusers
47:00 Create your own reality
50:00 Follow your joy and find what makes you happy
50:30 the different types of time (biological, experiential and chronological.)
52:30 What type of old person you want to be
55:00 Daily gratitude and its importance
56:30 Reducing Stress for real
58:30 How to actually mindfully eat your food and Trent’s 3 favorite ways to destress
1:01:30 Chewing for weight loss

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