Troy Casey (Certified Health Nut) On A Holistic Approach To Healthy Living

Troy Casey (@certifiedhealthnut) is the creator of the Certified Health Nut brand. After being on his own at 14, becoming a model, and immersing himself in comedy, he wanted to blend them all together. That lead to the inception of Certified Health Nut and is helping to increase the vibration and awareness of the holistic health movement.

Now he helps people live a healthy life starting with the mind and moving to the body and beyond.

We cover a lot in this podcast, so get your pens and pencils out.

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Show Notes:

03:00 – Troy’s journey to holistic health
09:30 – His journey to the Amazon and visions of his future life
11:15 – Becoming a Chek practitioner and cutting out dogmas
12:00 – Nutrition the dirt facts (Paul Chek)
16:35 – How are people coming to conscious awakening?
21:00 – How Troy prescribes a juice fasting for healing and getting rid of a toxic load
24:20 – Different types of fasting to try out
33:00 – The Zen Swing (Try this today)
39:40 – The esoteric vs the populous culture thought paradigms
40:20 – How Troy views meditation and starting off at the beginning
46:40 – What are Troy’s Superpowers?
48:40 – What Troy is currently questioning?
55:15 – What he is currently obssessed with

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