What Is Success? Why You Need To DEFINE Success For Yourself

There’s a thought that occupies the mind of many…

“I need to be successful.”

Although, no one knows what this means because the word success has become a placeholder for what we think means happy.

What Is Success? Defining Success For Yourself

The Definition of Success is:

“The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted (1.)”

In other words, success is defined merely as achieving something that we desire, planned or are attempting.

That means the pictures of the person on a Yacht, the Lamborghini’s in the garage, or someone with tons of men or women… Isn’t necessarily successful.

To have success, you have start by defining it for yourself.

If you believe the typical hocus pocus concocted by the media, then success is money, women, fame, cars, clothes, etc…

Although success is just getting slightly better every day.

Each of us has our internal definition of what we think or don’t think success is.

For some success is:

  • Graduating From College
  • Getting A Good Job
  • Raising A Family
    • Having those kids grow up to be kind and strong children
  • Buying the Jets
  • Seeing 1000s change for the better because of them

And the list goes on and on.

There is no cookie-cutter answer to what success is; you can’t shove everyone into a little success box.

What you can do is sit down and start writing what your goals are.

The funny thing is, those goals and the success you achieve through them, are only stepping stone in the overall journey.

Success is an indication of you living life to your most authentic being.

And with success comes failure, but failure can be a success if it shows you something not do.

Sit down, Grab a Piece of Paper, and Write Down What Success Is To You.

After you do that everything will become a lot more clear.

If you didn’t watch the video above and let me know in the comments if you love this style of video or not.

Thanks for reading and get ready for a kick-ass week,


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