Will Schiller on Coaching, The 80/20 Rule and Building Habits

Will Schiller (shiller.fitnessis an authority in the fitness world. Besides from being a Fitness coach who actually loves helping to shape the minds and bodies of those he coaches, he just released the Mind Body Evolution program.

In this episode, we go into a lot.

Please enjoy this conversation with Will Schiller

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Show Notes:

1:00 Chaga Mushrooms
2:55 Allergy Elimination Diet
3:25 Seth Godin and Coffee Rituals
Coffee Maker Mentioned –https://ratiocoffee.com/
6:00 Will Schiller’s Journey
7:00 Will’s Skill of Connecting with people
10:00 How will became the athlete’s trainer at college
11:00 The degree Will went to school for
13:30 Training People At The Office To Start with Clients
15:00 How groupthink create comfort
18:00 The tough part of going on your own and starting to coach
21:00 Cold Shower using Buteyko Breathing
23:30 The Venice Beach and the best place to work out
26:00 How Red Light Therapy works
29:10 Brain.Fm for sleep, nootropic and so much more
32:00 Supplements that everyone needs!
33:20 – Will’s 80/20 For Health
36:20 – Ecstatic Dance
40:45 – The easy way to take a load off your mind
42:30 – Biomat and Grounding
47:00 – Sound Pollution and Life
49:30 – What is Will’s High Leverage Skill?
52:45 – What is Will Questioning?
56:00 – Finding Your Roots
1:00:00 – The mindset of someone who is fit vs. Someone who isn’t
1:04:00 – The Best type of meditation
1:06:00 – The impact of microhabitats
1:10:00 – The Disconnect of The Law of Attraction
1:13:00 – Reticular Activating System
1:14:00 – How the news tunes you into the negative in life

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