Wyatt Hagerty on The Mind’s Influence on Health, Autoimmunity, and Following Your Path

Wyatt Hagerty (@wyatthagerty) is the creator of Lithograf Media Group, Predicaments Podcast, and Death Comes Lifting Clothing Company.

On this episode we dive into how the mind plays into health, what autoimmune disorders are like, and how answering the call to following your path can sometimes come abruptly.

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Show Notes:

05:00 – How Wyatt’s Journey Began
11:00 – Autoimmunity and What Happened To Wyatt
16:15 – The Mind’s Role In Health
27:00 – Don’t Pretend That You Have All The Answers
31:00 – Giving Your Body The Love and Attention It Deserves To Heal
43:00 – Wyatt’s Shamanic Journey
53:20 – Group Ecstatic Dance Reflections
1:05:00 – Trouble With Reliance on Technology
1:09:40 – Wyatt’s High Leverage Skill

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